Sustainability, Quality, and Safety are always top priority at GTZ B.V.!

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Sustainable Transport

At GTZ B.V., we give extra attention to the environment by focussing on sustainability. In addition to having all the required certificates, our fleet also adheres to all the latest environmental requirements. For example, all tractors have Euro V/VI engines and their own compressors, which allows for the tanks to be unloaded with our own air. In addition, our drivers take courses to lower CO2 emissions by keeping fuel usage to a minimum, and we always focus on the most efficient route to get from point A to point B.

Moreover, our modern fleet is serviced annually and we always ensure high-quality oil and fuels. Things are always moving in the scheduling department as well, where we focus on efficient scheduling to avoid empty kilometers.

Qualit and Safe Transport

Safety and quality are important to us. Consequently, all our tractors and drivers comply with EU policy concerning chemical and food transport. For instance, our drivers have ADR and BBS certificates.

Beside EU policy, we also do everything in our own power to ensure the quality and safety of our transport. Especially with regard to our chemical and refrigerated transport, we set strict requirements for our drivers and our transport units. Amongst other things, we ensure that our drivers and employees always keep learning and innovating.

Track & Trace

In order to allow for quick changes and efficient scheduling, all our tractors contain a modern on-board computer. Carcube software provides a clear overview of the driver’s resting and driving hours, and we always know exactly where the trucks are in real-time.

By using intelligent plugins from EasyTrip and Trimble, driving orders can be altered and sent directly to the on-board computers. In doing so, the driver can always be quickly and easily navigated via the most efficient routes. In addition, we use a mobile app that our drivers can use to quickly complete transport orders on location.

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