Chemical Transport

The expert in the high-quality transport of all chemical substances.

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International Chemical Transport

GTZ B.V. is the expert in the hiqh-quality transport of all chemical substances. Transporting chemicals requires additional attention and regulation. At GTZ B.V., safety and quality always come first, and extra focus is given to the transport conditions.

All our tractors and drivers consequently comply with the requirements provided in the regulations for transporting dangerous substances by land. For instance, all our drivers specialised in chemical transport have the correct ADR and BBS certificates. Consequently, we can safely transport all ADR products and tank containers from point A to point B, and deliver the quality expected of us.

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High-quality Tank Container Transport

At GTZ B.V., quality is always the first priority, which takes additional attention when it comes to chemical transport. Beside all required certificates for chemical transport, our fleet also complies with the latest environmental requirements. For example, all tractors have Euro V/VI engines and their own compressors, which allows for the tanks to be unloaded with our own air.

The Transport Specialist

With 25 years of experience, GTZ Transport B.V. is the specialist for all your chemical and refrigerated products.

Chemical Transport

Transport chemicals requires extra attention. At GTZ B.V., safety and quality always come first in that respect.

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Refrigerated Transport

Gekoelde Transporten Zeeland BV has been the expert in the (inter)national transport of refrigerated and frozen products since 1996.

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Container Transport

In addition to chemical and refrigerated transport, we provide daily national and international (box)container, bulk, and tautliner transport.

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Your Chemical Transport is in good hands!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a Chemical partner or only want to have your chemical products transported once, GTZ B.V. is at your service!

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